Socialism, National

In a world of neither rhyme nor reason some see Socialism, National
As full of lightning and fire, and altogether rational.
In a world starved of strength and might
Some look to the past and see torches literally bearing light.
In a world that says you are only how much money you so make
Is it surprising that people seek the true to replace all of the fake?
When purpose is but greed and passion’s fallen out of fashion
But a marching song provides camaraderie and compassion.
Nazis marching painting herrmann
When the highest celebration is for those that pass a ball
Don’t be surprised that some find reason in a Reich to stand defiantly and tall.
An era that lasted but 12 years in time
That–despite defeat–inspires far more than the modern, to make the upward climb.
A leader in Hitler, Adolf, constantly attacked on television
And a prison sentence for those who even whisper of revision!
Yet still!  Still!  Some see the fire and the fury!
Who shout NOT GUILTY to the societal jury!
Hitler montage2
There are those that see the happiness and the hope!
Who see strength and power, soaring in its scope!
There are those that hear the völkisch word
And the call of our ancestors becomes swiftly stirred!
An idea can beat eternal as long as it beats in a single heart
And there are those that to VICTORY, HAIL, have pledged to play their part!
The fire of the Socialism, National, thus continues to inspire!
And so the Aryan shall ascend and in pursuit of his dream always and ever aspire!


Pride and Power

Brothers and sisters you’ve been taught sadness and shame, but SURRENDER is what that is really named!  From dawn to dusk and dusk to dawn, in school and church, and from film to show, to news both online and off, you have been taught the surrender of shame…No more!…Say it with me: NO FUCKING MORE!

All of those things you’ve been taught to hang your head about–from conquest and colonialism, slavery and discrimination, from so called “toxic” masculinity and a rejection of traditional feminine beauty–are the very things to be most proud of!  For they represent strength and power, mastery and wisdom.

WE, have explored and tamed the wild lands!Explorer we are driven to explore to be the first to take a cosmic tour

WE, have conquered both beast, and man!Born for War Text

WE, have built the wings upon which science has soared!Science is in our DNA

WE, have blessed the world with such beauty that even the strongest can’t help but cry!Our Ancestors were artists meme

WE, may count the greatest men of all time as ours, and ours alone!The call of conquest conqueror meme

WE, may count the most beautiful women as ours, and ours alone!White genetics Great Aesthetics women montage

All of our noble glory was for centuries taken for granted and only recently has the surrender of shame slithered into society with such filthy fame.  No more!  Say it with me: NO FUCKING MORE!

From this day forward we replace shame and guilt with Pride and Power.  Say it with me: PRIDE AND POWER.Pride and power

PRIDE, that our glorious ancestors built such a splendid world and gifted us a life in it.

PRIDE, with helping hand so that all of our family might forever fly.

PRIDE, with shoulders up, chin high, and eyes aloft, our greatness no more shall we hide.

POWER, forged from countless ancestral generations that made each and everyone one of us possible.

POWER, built into our very DNA over countless centuries.

POWER, of might and mind, the Earth and stars our destiny to perfect and plan!

To shame and guilt we say: NO FUCKING MORE! To Pride and Power we say: eternally and forever more.

Not once or twice, but say it thrice:

PRIDE and POWER!…PRIDE and POWER!…PRIDE and POWER!Pride and power

It All Started with a Punch: How Richard Spencer getting punched led me to the Alt-Right

When Donald Trump got inaugurated on January 26th, 2017 I became inspired.  Or better yet, the seed of inspiration was planted then and only later would I see it grow and blossom.  Oh, and it wasn’t Donald Trump that was the source of my inspiration.  True, for the first time in perhaps my entire life I thought a politician might actually be talking to me, a White man, and again perhaps for the first time, I felt a hint of pride in my country.  I, however, did not vote for Trump and have only voted once in my entire life, back in 1996.  I lost my faith in voting way back then, but if I had voted, it would have been for Trump.

If I wasn’t inspired by Trump, then who or what was it?  It was a man I had never heard of getting sucker-punched on the streets of Washington, DC.  Sucker-punch inspiration!  Fate is funny, isn’t she?  The attacker was a masked man, most likely a member of the so-called “black bloc” (known for dressing all in black in order to commit violence and riot in the hopes that no one will be able to identify them) of Antifa, a communist, terrorist organization.  Who did he punch and why?  Well, the Twitter hashtag of the attack was called #PunchANazi and the man so assaulted was one Richard Spencer.

I had been on Twitter for years, barely using the site and wondering why people liked it when I spotted the #PunchANazi hashtag.  I was intrigued and clicked on it.  Who was this Richard Spencer, why was he assaulted, and was he really a Nazi?  The crime itself was caught on tape because Spencer–a well dressed White man whom I later learned is exactly the same age as me (38 at the time, born in 1978) was in the process of giving an interview to a reporter.  All of a sudden a man bedecked all in black blindsided Spencer with a punch to the side of the head, before running away into the crowded streets of D.C.  Wait, what?

Knowing next to nothing about Spencer and Antifa at the time, all I had to go on was what I had just witnessed.  A man getting assaulted…yet instead of a headline such as “Spencer Assaulted at Trump Inauguration,” it used the hashtag #PunchANazi.  Something obviously didn’t add up.  Spencer was wearing a suit for one, not a swastika armband.  I was aware that the mainstream media (and a lot of others) enjoy calling anyone they don’t like a Nazi.  Looking at the 2 characters in the story, I clearing related more to Spencer (albeit he’s better dressed than I am) than a thug dressed in black throwing a sucker punch.  Having been similarly victimized by such a despicable attack myself (more than once), I again identified with Spencer.  Things didn’t add up.  So began a slow journey into the Alt-Right (I was even unaware of the name of said movement at the time).

Over the next few months, I looked up Richard Spencer’s ideas online.  Slowly.  His writings and videos weren’t the easiest to find, strangely.  As I learned little by little, I saw no indication he was a Nazi at all, and for quite some time I wasn’t sure if he was even Pro-White.  I wasn’t sure what the Alt-Right was all about it either.  Bit by bit I learned more, mostly by befriending people on Twitter who I came to realize held views similar to my own.  Having hardly used Twitter for around 7 years, I was oblivious to this seemingly hidden community of the Alt-Right.  Being a White man who enjoys being White and enjoys the company of our people, it felt like home.

The more I read of Spencer and the Alt-Right, the more its mission as a White identity movement made sense to me.  As a White person it was nice to see people promoting the interests of White people–if all other people could promote their interests, why was it verboten for us to do the same thing?  I was pleasantly surprised to find thousands and thousands of similarly minded people.  I’ve personally spoken to hundreds of people around the globe who are not only interesting to converse with, but inspiring as well.

The more people and information I discovered the more time I ended up spending on Twitter.  Spencer, I came to enjoy listening to, as I realized he was a poet-philosopher in the Nietzschean tradition, and lo and behold I see myself in the same vein.  I began absorbing information as if by osmosis, marveling at the level of intelligence I was encountering and breadth and width of the wisdom people were sharing with me.  One group in particular–Generation Z (also known as Generation Zyklon) blew me away with the knowledge they possessed at such an early age.  I did well in school and consider myself intelligent, but I’ve met a number of youths that schooled me completely.  Quite inspiring!

As I became more engrossed in the Alt-Right community on Twitter, I found myself saving many a meme, as the ones I was suddenly encountering–unlike the silly, humorous kind on Facebook–were informative, educational, artistic, interesting, and even inspiring.  The meme took on a new form to me and I began making some of my own.  Later I started learning the art of video editing, as well as learning how to make gifs. Why do I do this?  It’s because I’ve come across a community I enjoy and value and that inspires me to do my part for the people I care about.  I’ve always dreamed of inspiring and enriching the lives of our people, in some way adding something positive, be it an inspiring video, a quote or meme of wisdom, a piece of artistic beauty, or the simplicity of a laugh.  I love the idea of being a conduit or catalyst for greatness; with a helping hand making the climb up the mountain just a little bit easier.  I hope to elevate, to empower, and to energize our brothers and sisters, as we march together on this wondrous journey known as life.  And it all started with a punch.