Quotes from This Time the World by Rockwell



1. This book is directed more to the intellectual circles, presently drowning in oceans of Marxism which have inundated all our colleges and universities, than it is to the masses of common people, for whom the knowledge that I am an exponent of gas chambers for Jewish (and all other) Communist traitors is sufficient understanding of my philosophy. Read more

The Science of Anti-Semitism


By Professor Alexandra C. Cuza
Translated by Dr. Dimitrie Gazdaru

First written in Romania, 1922

“Another horrible pairing of words:‭ ‬the science of anti-Semitism.‭ ‬How can anti-Semitism be a science‭?”‬ will ask themselves indignantly the scientists with their‭ ‬rocks,‭ ‬those with their‭ ‬seals,‭ ‬the mathematicians with their‭ ‬x’s,‭ ‬the philologists with their‭ ‬suffixes,‭ ‬the scientists with their pretended‭ “‬fixed‭”‬ ideas of culture.‭ Read more

The White Man Strikes Back

white man fight back

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Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


Part 4


Part 5


Part 6


Part 7



Fanatical Fire

Fire sonnenrad cropped1 red


In order to ensure our survival we must cultivate fanatical fire. We must fan the flames of fanaticism with every beat of our hearts. Every breath must fuel our fervor. Our commitment must be absolute, our passion must be pure. Our dedication to our people and our cause must blaze with exhilaration and enthusiasm. Once we have practiced and perfected the fury of fanatical flame, our world shall be one of eternal light. For our family. For our folk. For our future.

The sacred skin which we have been blessed with must be stained bloody red like that of mighty Mars. Fanatical fire is our armor, our shield, our sword. Our brilliance blinds our enemies but in its inferno, we are healed. Energetically emblazoned we march, our crimson flags flying forward. For our family. For our folk. For our future.

We are a cosmic creation, eons in the making. It took generations too numerous to count to give birth to the marvel and wonder that is known as The White Race. We were conceived in a galactic forge with divinity written into our very DNA, interwoven with Infinity itself. From such a fiery birth we must return. In fire we were born and in fire we will die. Destiny beckons. Fanatical fire is our fate, and we must master it before it is too late. For our family. For our folk. For our future.

The hooknose demon and his brainless minions will do their utmost to prevent our march into the sun. He will ruthlessly attempt to castrate our soul and extinguish our flame. With his infernal claws rubbing together he will spit poison into our food and venom into our minds. He desires a destiny of darkness which will devilishly be realized if we equip ourselves with apathy and despair. Only the rage and splendor of fanatical fire will be able to resist his wicked machinations. For our family. For our folk. For our future.

To blaze! To flame! Fanatical fire be thy name! Total devotion. Total commitment. Total faith. With such militant determination and powerful passion, victory is inevitable. Our victory will be violent. Our victory will be total. Our victory will be complete. We shall unleash a solar thunderstorm–for we are Children of the Sun–and where once was foe, only ash shall remain. For our family. For our folk. For our future.

Kaczynski Quotes from Technological Slavery



1. Finally, one learns that boredom is a disease of civilization. It seems to me that what boredom mostly is is that people have to keep themselves entertained or occupied, because if they aren’t, then certain anxieties, frustrations, discontents, and so forth, start coming to the surface, and it makes them uncomfortable. Boredom is almost nonexistent once you’ve become adapted to life in the woods. If you don’t have any work that needs to be done, you can sit for hours at a time just doing nothing, just listening to the birds or the wind or the silence, watching the shadows move as the sun travels, or simply looking at familiar objects. And you don’t get bored. You’re just at peace. Read more